Paid adds will make you money.

Learn how Paid adds will make you money.  In earlier posts we discussed the value of both organic listings and if you are a local business the value of google maps.  Today we put our focus on paid advertising focusing especially on why we think using google and facebook ads specifically is a great idea to move your business forward.

Both google and facebook give business owners and website users massive opportunities to reach a very targeted customer audience.  This is why paid ads can be so valuable for growing a business.  When a business owner places an ad on a billboard they have no control over who see’s that ad, but you know they are being charged for all these eye balls even if many of them are not their target audience.


The power of paid adds is you can choose who you want to target, from gender, to age, to income level.  Both google and facebook also allow you to target much smaller niches based around online interest and website traffic patterns.  You can literally pick a well known competitor and target customer who have piked or visited their website.  The reality is this is so powerful that is should be a primary way to build and grow your business.


Ways to reach your audience online

Ways to reach your audience.

When creating a website it is important that you understand the various ways that your audience can find your website.

  1. Organic Search Results:
  2. Google Maps (If a local Business)
  3. Paid Advertising

How to show up in Organic search results

Showing up in organic google results can be extremely valuable for your business.  Being at the top or towards the top or organic google search results means you are visible when customers are looking for you.  This becomes especially valuable when it is for a purchase intent keyword.  Here is a screenshot of a particular keyword.  The keyword was lawn chair:

Based on this google result, it wouldn’t surprise me if walmart, wayfair, and homedepot sold a bunch of lawn chairs.  The reason being when I typed in lawn chair they are the first 3 websites that come up.  Learning how to do this becomes extremely valuable for driving long term revenue for you and your company.


You may be wondering well thats great, but I am a local company and I either don’t have storefronts all over the US or i only serve my local community.  If that is the case then google local maps becomes a key place for your to learn about.

Here are the current search results for window cleaning Glendale Ca:

The 4th company on there is Glendale Window Cleaning is missing out on huge opportunity by 1 spot.  Typically the google maps show up like this:

Notice how the top 3 companies are listed.  In order to see all the other companies that clean windows in the Glendale area you to click more places.  It is only then that you see Glendale Window cleaning and can view their information.  This is a huge difference.  This one spot is so valuable when learning how to effectively market your business online.  These are the type of skills we want to teach you here.  How to build a digital foot print so you can serve you customers and so your customers can find you and your service.

After all you may have he best lawn chairs, clean window like no other, or have the worlds best apple pie.  But if customers do not know that you exist it will be hard for them to ever pay you for your goods or services.

Next post we will discuss more information about paid advertising and how google has a phenomenal tool that will allow you to reach your desired audience while you learn and implement the top strategies for both organic and google map rankings.