Know Your Audience

Who is your audience?

As we share and highlight digital tips and tricks, we feel it is incredibly important to start by knowing your audience. Understanding your audience, who you are trying to reach in incredibly important to having a successful online presence. Take a moment and think about this from a consumer or customer standpoint. When you want something your brain immediately thinks about places that provide that service or product.

For example if I think about eggs, i think about a grocery store, but if I need an oil change I think about and auto body, and if I think about needing medical treatment i need a doctor. Each of these businesses or professions have identified an audience and so they know who and how to market to them.

If an auto body mechanic started running advertisements for medical treatment of eggs it would be a confusing message to its potential clients. When we create our online presence we need to first clarify and simplify our message.

Here are a list of questions that can be used to help you determine your audience and your message to them.

1. What is your core service?
*Going back to our earlier example the core service of a Dr. is medical treatment or medical advice. A grocery store if to provide food and household items, and a auto body mechanic is to fix cars.

2. Who is in need of your service?
*Once we identify our core service we can begin to think about who needs that service and when they need that service. How small of a sub section can you make this. When operating a business online the smaller and more specific your make these examples the better you can target your ideal customer. For example a Doctor isn’t trying to target all people, but more specifically wants to know when he can target people while they need medical advice.

3. Where can you find the people from question two who are currently looking for the core service you provide from questions number 1.

* This is where the true money and growth can take place online. By putting your company in front of your ideal audience when they are looking for your core service. Additional post will dive into how you can leverage organic results and paid advertisements to offer your core service to your ideal audience member when they are actually looking for it.