Set up Your GMB

Google My Business

One of the best ways to generate more traffic to your store or website is to create a GMB or google my business listing.  Today consumers are using their phones to search for business.  Here is a screenshot of my searching on my phone for a carpet cleaner.

What is so unique about google and google maps is that it changes based on the location of the person searching.  For a local business this is what allows them to appear in the results for local searches.  A local service based business does not need to compete against national brands when they optimize their Google My Business listing in their local market.

When you look at this image you can see that 3 carpet cleaners pop up and google makes it convenient to call and get a quote or additional information.  The reality is there are more than 3 carpet cleaners in this area, but these three have taken the time to update their listing and as a result will get more calls and more customers than a local business who does not create and or manage their GMB listing.

Google my business is a huge value that Google provides local businesses..  It is free and easy to set up.  If you haven’t yet, go verify your own gmb today.